New York Auto Insurance: Tips for Motorcyclists



New York auto insurance is known as some of the most expensive in the country. And with good reason: the city is chaotic, dense and definitely accident prone. One can easily pay more for auto insurance in New York City than the entire payment on the car. For motorcycles however the same isn’t quite true. There are many sides to insuring a motorcycle in New York, the inexperienced motorcyclist may find the process confusing. For example, liability insurance for a motorcycle is much lower than for a car, mainly because the person most likely to get hurt in a motorcycle crash is the rider.  At the very least, there are a few constants in the world of NYC motorcycling.

  • Before you can even ride a bike, you’ll need to get a motorcycle license. This requires that you own a bike and show up for a test at your local DMV. Upon completion you’ll get an M stamp on your regular license.
  • The risk of theft and accidental damage is high. Because most people in New York don’t have access to indoor parking, motorcycle owners are forced to leave their bikes on the street. Parking a motorbike on the sidewalk is an accepted practice, though technically illegal, it is sporadically enforced. Coverage for theft or paying for secure parking might be worthwhile or at least comparable to the cost of paying for comprehensive insurance.
  • Because of the unpredictability of New York’s streets, rates vary dramatically. Many providers don’t even offer motorcycle coverage in the city. The best way of keeping your rates down, other than avoiding accidents and riding responsibly, is to ride a small-engined bike and take a motorcycle safety course. Still, even a new rider can expect rates to be much lower than for automobiles.