Renters Insurance Coverage Helps Keep Your Apartment Safe!

So you just moved into your brand new apartment in Brooklyn? You have probably spent a couple hundred dollars moving in your expensive televisions, musical instruments, sports equipment, artwork, and much more. In the case of a fire, natural disaster, or theft, you could be out thousands of dollars if you do not have renters insurance coverage! Although your landlord is responsible for any and all damages that may occur to the building, it is your responsibility to keep your personal possessions safe from harm.

Not only will renters insurance protect your personal assets, but many plans will also cover your additional living expenses in the event that your apartment becomes uninhabitable. Furthermore, renters insurance protects you from any injuries that you or your guests may experience while on your property. If you throw a lot of dangerous Brooklyn rooftop parties, renters insurance takes all of the legal responsibility that may occur in the event of an accident or serious injury. Without renters insurance, you’re held financially responsible for the safety of your guests.

Additionally, any damage or injury that occurs from your household pet will easily be covered by renters insurance. If your pitbull acts up around new guests, it’s probably a good idea to get some rental coverage. Not only will it save you money in future, but it will make you feel more comfortable in your new Brooklyn apartment!