Liquor Liability Business Insurance for Your Bar or Venue


Your bar or venue might have acquired a liquor license, but are you financially protected with any level of Liquor Liability Business Insurance? It’s important to protect yourself from any liability that may fall on your place of business through drunk and disorderly behavior, drunk driving accidents, and any property damage or negligence that may occur. If you have owned a bar for quite some time now, you may have realized how rowdy your clientele can get in the later hours of the evening. Protect your financial assets by purchasing a Liquor Liability Insurance plan for your bar, restaurant, or venue.

With around 140 million drivers arrested each year for drunk driving related incidents, there are millions of more drivers getting into expensive accidents. Although the driver will take the brunt of the financial liability, if you allow them to drive home from your bar, you are help accountable as well. Furthermore, if you own a bar or venue, you’ve no doubt been a victim of property damage and negligence caused by drunken behavior. Either a patron will start a fight and damage your furniture, or they will spill a drink all over your brand new pool table. Whichever the case, avoid any legal issues and financial responsibility by purchasing Liquor Liability Insurance for your drinking establishment.




Avoid Costly Restaurant Accidents with New York Business Insurance

Protect your restaurant, bar, salon, or nightclub from unnecessary accidents with New York business insurance. Can you afford to operate your restaurant without any form of business or rentals insurance? Accidents are bound to happen in the food and beverage industry, which is why Kenneth Bieber helps restaurant owners protect their financial assets with our various business insurance packages.

Imagine your chef prepares a dish with an ingredient that your customer is severely allergic to. Or maybe your restaurant gets robbed in the middle of the night, leaving your important business checks, contacts, and files nowhere to be found. Perhaps a customer bites into a piece of fish, only to find a piece of bone that breaks their tooth in the process. Sometimes accidents cannot be prevented in the restaurant industry, and without proper coverage your financial loss may force your company to go out of business. One of the first steps in setting up your restaurant is making sure you are covered for any accident that may occur.

Kenneth Bieber offers comprehensive restaurant insurance packages that can cover anything from a customer slipping on a wet floor to a natural disaster that may leave your storefront in ruins. Check out a number of our other insurance coverages as well, including condo insurance, car insurance, and renters insurance.



Buying from Kenneth Bieber: Fireman’s Fund!

With a name like Fireman’s Fund, the insurance company looks like it should be as well known as Progressive. Maybe it needs a lovable dalmatian mascot? Regular Joes looking for New York renters insurance will be out of luck because this insurance company only handles high-net-worth clients. That is, the rich.

Well hold on there! Just because Fireman’s Fund insures big, does not mean it is a 1% service. Fireman’s Fund started life as a way to keep firemen’s widows protected and it still funds fire houses all across the country through its Heritage Program, paying for equipment, training, and educational programs. At its lowest echelons, the company insures things like yachts, high art, and rare automobiles. Expensive condo insurance, co-op insurance, and business insurance, New York can get plenty of, but the Fund also handles the big social cheeses, like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, the first plane to fly from New York to Paris non-stop. For a town as gilt as New York, the Fund is also the biggest underwriter and insurer of Hollywood movies, making sure every injured stuntman gets his fair recompense. In fact, the company is a large part of the 20th largest corporation in the world, Allianz SE, and has top rankings from Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and A.M. Best Company.