Flood Insurance

business insurance new yorkOne of Brooklyn’s oldest and most beloved bars, Sunny’s was opened in 1890 and has remained a staple of the Brooklyn waterfront in the nearly century and a quarter since. But Sunny’s has been shuttered for the last few months thanks to a one Hurricane Sandy and is even now struggling to secure the funds necessary to reopen.

It’s a story common to Red Hook, which was hit particularly hard in Sandy and saw extensive flooding even several blocks inland. The acclaimed restaurants Fort Defiance and The Good Fork on Van Brunt Street were similarly closed while essential kitchen equipment needed to be replaced. The neighborhood Fairway Market, which is located right on the water, only recently reopened after months of cleaning and replacing flood-damaged equipment and stock.

Unfortunately, it seems likely Hurricane Sandy won’t be remembered as a freak once-in-a-lifetime storm. Many are predicting it could become a recurring risk to Red Hook and other water-bound neighborhoods of New York and New Jersey. If there’s one upside, it’s that Kenneth Bieber offers flood insurance as part of their business insurance in New York options. In addition to our other forms of New York renters insurance, flood insurance will protect you in the event of another Sandy, so you can get back to work or get back to your home as soon and as painlessly as possible.

Restaurant Insurance from Kenneth Bieber

business insurance New YorkYou probably already know Kenneth Bieber as the name to trust for your condo insurance and New York car insurance. We’ve built a reputation with New Yorkers who trust us with their homes, whether they own or rent, and their automobiles, including cars and motorcycles. But did you also know Kenneth Bieber is a well-respected business insurer as well? We insure commercial properties, inland marine shipping, apartment building owners, salons, barbers and restaurants.

Wondering why you need specific coverage for your restaurant or catering business? There’s plenty that can go wrong in the hospitality industry, perhaps even more so than others because the product is a perishable good that could easily spoil in an event that leaves a refrigerator powered off, a freezer that isn’t running or even a grill or stove that burns out and is unable to prepare the food.

In addition to the food itself, all the usual risks are present in running a restaurant or caterer business. Property damage of any kind can interrupt business and your ability to make money on your investment, whether it’s damage to the building itself or its contents. Restaurants with a liquor license run an extra risk, as the sale and consumption of liquor brings with it all the potential for its negative side effects. So if you have a restaurant or catering business, you need industry-specific insurance. Let Kenneth Bieber help keep your business safe.

Liquor Liability Business Insurance for Your Bar or Venue


Your bar or venue might have acquired a liquor license, but are you financially protected with any level of Liquor Liability Business Insurance? It’s important to protect yourself from any liability that may fall on your place of business through drunk and disorderly behavior, drunk driving accidents, and any property damage or negligence that may occur. If you have owned a bar for quite some time now, you may have realized how rowdy your clientele can get in the later hours of the evening. Protect your financial assets by purchasing a Liquor Liability Insurance plan for your bar, restaurant, or venue.

With around 140 million drivers arrested each year for drunk driving related incidents, there are millions of more drivers getting into expensive accidents. Although the driver will take the brunt of the financial liability, if you allow them to drive home from your bar, you are help accountable as well. Furthermore, if you own a bar or venue, you’ve no doubt been a victim of property damage and negligence caused by drunken behavior. Either a patron will start a fight and damage your furniture, or they will spill a drink all over your brand new pool table. Whichever the case, avoid any legal issues and financial responsibility by purchasing Liquor Liability Insurance for your drinking establishment.




Protect Your Salon with New York Business Insurance

After covering the essentials of restaurant insurance last week, we thought we would spotlight yet another insurance for business establishments: salon insurance.  If you own a salon or hairdresser in New York City, you may be running your establishment at a financial risk if you aren’t signed on with Salon & Barber Insurance. Even if your hairdresser or salon is already covered with New York renters insurance, you may still be at risk if you don’t have special salon coverage. As with restaurants, there are many liabilities and accidents waiting to happen when owning and operating your very own salon. If you aren’t covered with an insurance package, you are held responsible for any employee theft, damage, or legal actions taken from customers.

We’ve all seen the horror movies where the teenage girl gets stuck in the tanning bed. Although the chance of getting stuck in one of these beds is slim to none, the unfortunate truth is that many salons and hairdressers often deal with egotistical customers who will sue at the sight of a bad tan line or a poorly done haircut. Vanity sometimes gets the best of these customers and they will sue at any chance they get. Furthermore, customers and employees may slip on any excess hair or spilled bottles of barbicide on the ground. These injuries can result in large medical bills that you may have to pay out of pocket unless you are covered by salon insurance.

Trim away your financial risks by purchasing some salon insurance today!

Avoid Costly Restaurant Accidents with New York Business Insurance

Protect your restaurant, bar, salon, or nightclub from unnecessary accidents with New York business insurance. Can you afford to operate your restaurant without any form of business or rentals insurance? Accidents are bound to happen in the food and beverage industry, which is why Kenneth Bieber helps restaurant owners protect their financial assets with our various business insurance packages.

Imagine your chef prepares a dish with an ingredient that your customer is severely allergic to. Or maybe your restaurant gets robbed in the middle of the night, leaving your important business checks, contacts, and files nowhere to be found. Perhaps a customer bites into a piece of fish, only to find a piece of bone that breaks their tooth in the process. Sometimes accidents cannot be prevented in the restaurant industry, and without proper coverage your financial loss may force your company to go out of business. One of the first steps in setting up your restaurant is making sure you are covered for any accident that may occur.

Kenneth Bieber offers comprehensive restaurant insurance packages that can cover anything from a customer slipping on a wet floor to a natural disaster that may leave your storefront in ruins. Check out a number of our other insurance coverages as well, including condo insurance, car insurance, and renters insurance.



Security For Your Salon or Barbershop

Having read the title of this post you may be left scratching your head, wondering why a hair salon or barbershop would possibly need specialist business insurance in New York. Well, the answer is all down to appearance, image and ego. Cutting and styling hair is a highly specialized business, and involves handling many potentially sensitive situations including disgruntled customers or catastrophes involving tears.

Unlike purchasing clothing, which can simply be removed or returned, one haircut cannot simply be exchanged for another. When having their hair cut or styled, a customer relinquishes control and entrusts their stylist with the task of revitalizing their look. If a customer is dissatisfied with a look a stylist has given them, they could claim your staff are performing their work in a sloppy manner or are entirely negligent. In order to protect yourself from potential lawsuits, as well as property damage, it’s vital to invest in coverage specific to salons and barbershops.kenn

So make sure you’re not a hair’s breadth away from losing your hard-earned business, and check out our secure online quote calculation service today. At Kenneth Bieber Insurance, the premier provider of business insurance in New York, we know just how busy your business keeps you so we have strived to take the hassle out of getting a quote, and getting covered.

Commercial Tenant Insurance

If you are a small business owner, especially one that is just starting out, you will definitely want to read this one.  Many small business owners may not realize it, but when you rent a commercial space you need to be able to provide some type of basic business insurance on the premises. Yes, your landlord should already have a policy on the building, but as the renter and as a business, you will need to be able to provide some type of insurance. In some places, this arrangement is law, or at least its legal for the landlord to require you have it.

The main reason for tenant insurance is two fold. The first is to cover the landlord. Because the space is not a dwelling and presumably work and business will be taking place in the space, the landlord can not allow him or herself to be held liable for everything that happens there. Tenant insurance makes sure that due responsibility is placed upon the tenant as well. The second reason is for the general coverage required to run a business. It will offer liability coverage as well as bodily injury coverage for the policy holder.

For an extra level of business insurance coverage the landlord can be added to the policy.

Commercial Vehicle Coverage for Businesses

Even small businesses have to operate vehicles. A business doesn’t need to have a fleet of trucks, vans, and sedans in order to qualify for commercial auto insurance. All that is needed is the regular use of a conventional vehicle for business purposes.  Commercial auto insurance is often bundled with other business insurance, and if you operate a commercial vehicle in New York City, having it fully insured is a good idea. Commercial auto insurance covers several items that personal coverage will not.

It’s best to think of commercial auto coverage as two different services. One is a complete coverage system. With it you will receive coverage for bodily injury, property damage, liability coverage, no-fault medical coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage against theft and vandalism, and collision coverage.  It is essentially an ironclad insurance policy that covers any type of mishap your working vehicle might encounter on the road,  which leads us to the second implicit purpose of business coverage.

Commercial auto insurance is also legally defensible, meaning it can cover your business in the case of any negligence or liability lawsuits that may be lodged against you or your company. Acquiring this type of legal defense is most often the greatest benefit of commercial auto insurance.

Liability and Business Insurance

Business Insurance

A small businesses can’t afford not  to have liability business insurance. Whether you provide a service, serve food, or  have customers coming on to the premises of your operation, liability insurance can protect you in a variety of ways. Liability is a lot more than simply protecting the premises of your business. It can extend to the services you provide and the lasting implications of any mistakes you or your personnel may have made on the job.

Liability Business Insurance can be broken down in to three main types:

  • General Liability Coverage: protects you from not only on-premises mishaps but against any potential purposeful action or negligence on behalf of your employees. Run a cab service and a uniformed driver crashes into somebody? You’re covered.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Covers businesses that provide public services. This can include damaged caused by faulty work as well as negligence or malpractice on behalf of you or your employees.
  • Product Protection Liability: This covers a businesses from potential damage or problems caused by their products malfunctioning. It also covers a business that may install, use or vend a faulty product made by another manufacturer.
Owning a small business means investing personally in a venture. If you’re the key person or the sole owner , then its a good idea to carry at least some form of business insurance.

5 Things you Should Know About Condo Insurance

Condo insurance can be tricky to navigate. the nature of insuring a box within a box can be difficult and legally fraught.  Here are some things to check and keep in mind as you navigate the NY condo insurance world.

  • Check your master policy: Obviously you don’t own the entire complex, but its important to know what you do own. You may own your unit, is it an “all four walls” type of policy? Also, how is the rest of the condo insured. The condo association ought to have some type of commercial coverage on the shared space. If your unit is covered merely “all four walls” then you may need more coverage. If you’re covered “all in” by your condo’s master plans, then you’re in less need of coverage.
  • The association deductible: This is the deductible you will have to pay on your condo if there are damages. It is built into the condo’s master policy.
  • Cash value or replacement coverage: There are two types of coverage for compensation. One being replacement in full and the other providing a cash value sum for your condo. Cash value leaves you with less overall coverage but lower premiums.
  • What are you insuring: You want to insure both the contents of the home and the internal structure, such as the flooring and cabinets.  Try to do both.
  • Flood and Storm: These are two incidents not often covered by insurance. See if you need this type of coverage in your area.

Business Insurance: Liquor Liability Insurance

If you own a restaurant or bar, or otherwise host events where alcohol is served, then you should invest in this coverage. Business insurance costs can add up, but so can lawsuits, and nothing leads to a lawsuit faster than drinking. Be it negligence or assault, the shrewd business owner needs to know how to protect themselves from one of the most predictable and frivolous lawsuits around; an adult suing you because he got drunk and did something stupid. Liquor liability is varied, and some people don’t even bother with it because there are so many exceptions. But a good provider should be able to give you quality coverage. Including:

  • Assault and battery coverage
  • Legal defense costs
  • Cover employees, who will drink
  • Includes mental damages
  • Training to reduce business insurance premiums.
These are just a few things to expect from liquor liability business insurance. The most important thing to remember about liquor related suits is that many are frivolous.  Some plans go so far as to deduct any policy value related to “defense costs” related to liquor, in this case the business owner holding the policy would be left without recourse in the event of a lawsuit, even if it were frivolous.

New York Small Business Owners Can Benefit From Key Person Business Insurance


Business Insurance

Now is a great time to be a small business in New York. While there might be a recession on in the rest of the country, New York is experiencing steady growth, and is one of the only cities in the country where jobs are plentiful. Of course opening a business here is a smart move. That said, there are many hurdles to starting a small business in New york. High overhead and long hours are just a couple of the inherent problems for a small business owner. Another important thing to consider is that many small businesses are held together through the ideas and toil of one person. The potential for their loss is something that business insurance ought to be purchased against.

Key person insurance is a form of business insurance that protects exactly against this particular problem. If for the example the chef for a small but successful restuarant dies or is otherwise unable to work, key person insurance could cover expenses related to this person’s absence. Some policies would cover healthcare and living expense, others would cover the projected business losses related to this key person being unable to work. This sort of business insurance is very situation specific and is best discussed with your insurance agent.

The Benefits of New York Business Insurance

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Businesses can guarantee that they are going to need a watchful eye on their company and its investments if they want to stay on top of the game and financially sound. That’s why you should invest in New York business insurance.

So what does this kind of insurance entail exactly? Well, business insurance in New York encompasses coverage for property, including but not limited to office supplies and vehicles, legal claims like liability and worker’s compensation, business losses, and employee health insurance.

With so much at stake you want to be careful with investments and company maintenance. Business insurance will protect you from expected and unforeseen misfortunes. Even if you don’t think you’re in the line of fire when it comes to lawsuits, you can never be too careful. And the problem is that judgments can be collected through bank account seizures and debt payment through personal assets (more commonly with small businesses).

You should always insure your business and calculate your potential risks or threats and have them accounted for in the policies you obtain. A well-rounded insurance policy will keep your business afloat even through the difficult times.

Easy Tips For Finding Insurance Companies

business insurance in New YorkChoosing an insurance company can be a stressful task. You want to be sure that not only do you get a trustworthy company; but that you’re paying a fair price and that you get the right amount of coverage. Here are some tips to help you in your hunt.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting condo insurance or business insurance in New York or any other state. In fact, every state has a Department of Insurance. They all should have a website with advice and information about insurance, how to file for insurance claims, and what insurance companies have violated consumer rights. They are immensely useful for reference.

When looking for a company, consider the kind of insurance policies you need. Does the company offer more than just one type? Sometimes you can get deals if you sign on for more than one policy with the same company. These package deals will end up saving you money in the long run. And, with that in mind also consider the rates and forms for filing insurance claims. You can compare different company rates to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best deal.

These are just a few of the many ways you can find the right insurance company for your needs.