Commercial Insurance

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Commercial Insurance Coverage in New York

Commercial Insurance Coverage from Kenneth Bieber provides flexible, responsive protection for your business. True to your goals and attentive to your specific needs, our company’s professional liability insurance can safeguard every aspect of your business. New York is among the world’s most demanding markets, and business owners in this center of global commerce have to focus on day-to-day management to succeed. Kenneth Bieber’s commercial insurance coverage policies are affordable, personalized, and hassle-free. We’ll take the time to analyze your business and create an insurance plan to protect your company’s future – so you can concentrate on building it.

Professional Liability Insurance for Every Business

Professional liability insurance, which covers costs accrued during litigation, is a primary focus for Kenneth Bieber’s insurance team, but many more policies are available for business owners. Commercial automobile, commercial liability, and commercial property insurance plans cover assets such as buildings and vehicles. Directors and Officers policies protect key individuals in your company, while Ordinance and Law coverage can keep you from paying costly upkeep and maintenance fees. Combined with professional liability insurance for legal protection, these policies can form a reliable safety net for all your company’s property and personnel at a reasonable cost.

Commercial Property Insurance from Established Experts

Commercial property insurance has been a specialty of Kenneth Bieber since the company’s founding in 1962. We view ourselves as advocates and representatives for each client, working to secure the best possible rates on the most suitable coverage. We believe in empowering the businesses that choose us for their insurance needs. To that end, we maintain a comprehensive learning center with online tutorials on commercial insurance and many more important topics. With experienced commercial property insurance agents always available and accurate quotes delivered at industry-leading speed, Kenneth Bieber is a vital source of support and peace of mind for business across New York. Find out what we can do for you.

Personal Insurance

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Personal Insurance Coverage to Suit Your Needs

Personal Insurance Coverage from Kenneth Bieber, Inc. provides comprehensive protection for individuals and property. Since 1962, Kenneth Bieber, Inc. has negotiated with insurance companies to secure the most effective personal insurance coverage at the best rates. As an independent insurance agency, we maintain relationships with leading personal insurance providers. We’ll create a customized package for you that includes the exact coverage you need. We’re dedicated to providing professional, local attention at your convenience. Whether you’re looking to protect your automobile, insure your home, or increase your personal liability limits, you’ll find the most affordable and appropriate solution with our agency.

Custom Personal Insurance Plans

Personal insurance plans available through our agency include coverage for automobiles as well as many other types of vehicles. We can search our network of providers to insure motorcycles, RVs, antique cars, and even Jet Skis and snowmobiles. Our flexible homeowners insurance policies can cover primary residences, seasonal homes, and waterfront property. Individuals who lease their homes can also purchase condominium or renters insurance through our personal insurance plans. We can also work with clients to create policies that protect valuable possessions, safeguard against identity theft, or secure their personal assets.

An Independent Insurance Agency Committed to Your Protection

At our independent insurance agency, we make your satisfaction our number one priority. We’re always ready to help you save money on your personal insurance coverage through free quotes, multi-policy discounts, and many more deals. We are licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our local experience in these three states allows us to find the most suitable coverage and provide the most relevant information in all of our client relationships. Our committed customer service and wealth of experience will help us protect what’s most important to you.