Protect Your Salon with New York Business Insurance

After covering the essentials of restaurant insurance last week, we thought we would spotlight yet another insurance for business establishments: salon insurance.  If you own a salon or hairdresser in New York City, you may be running your establishment at a financial risk if you aren’t signed on with Salon & Barber Insurance. Even if your hairdresser or salon is already covered with New York renters insurance, you may still be at risk if you don’t have special salon coverage. As with restaurants, there are many liabilities and accidents waiting to happen when owning and operating your very own salon. If you aren’t covered with an insurance package, you are held responsible for any employee theft, damage, or legal actions taken from customers.

We’ve all seen the horror movies where the teenage girl gets stuck in the tanning bed. Although the chance of getting stuck in one of these beds is slim to none, the unfortunate truth is that many salons and hairdressers often deal with egotistical customers who will sue at the sight of a bad tan line or a poorly done haircut. Vanity sometimes gets the best of these customers and they will sue at any chance they get. Furthermore, customers and employees may slip on any excess hair or spilled bottles of barbicide on the ground. These injuries can result in large medical bills that you may have to pay out of pocket unless you are covered by salon insurance.

Trim away your financial risks by purchasing some salon insurance today!

Security For Your Salon or Barbershop

Having read the title of this post you may be left scratching your head, wondering why a hair salon or barbershop would possibly need specialist business insurance in New York. Well, the answer is all down to appearance, image and ego. Cutting and styling hair is a highly specialized business, and involves handling many potentially sensitive situations including disgruntled customers or catastrophes involving tears.

Unlike purchasing clothing, which can simply be removed or returned, one haircut cannot simply be exchanged for another. When having their hair cut or styled, a customer relinquishes control and entrusts their stylist with the task of revitalizing their look. If a customer is dissatisfied with a look a stylist has given them, they could claim your staff are performing their work in a sloppy manner or are entirely negligent. In order to protect yourself from potential lawsuits, as well as property damage, it’s vital to invest in coverage specific to salons and barbershops.kenn

So make sure you’re not a hair’s breadth away from losing your hard-earned business, and check out our secure online quote calculation service today. At Kenneth Bieber Insurance, the premier provider of business insurance in New York, we know just how busy your business keeps you so we have strived to take the hassle out of getting a quote, and getting covered.