Restaurant Insurance from Kenneth Bieber

business insurance New YorkYou probably already know Kenneth Bieber as the name to trust for your condo insurance and New York car insurance. We’ve built a reputation with New Yorkers who trust us with their homes, whether they own or rent, and their automobiles, including cars and motorcycles. But did you also know Kenneth Bieber is a well-respected business insurer as well? We insure commercial properties, inland marine shipping, apartment building owners, salons, barbers and restaurants.

Wondering why you need specific coverage for your restaurant or catering business? There’s plenty that can go wrong in the hospitality industry, perhaps even more so than others because the product is a perishable good that could easily spoil in an event that leaves a refrigerator powered off, a freezer that isn’t running or even a grill or stove that burns out and is unable to prepare the food.

In addition to the food itself, all the usual risks are present in running a restaurant or caterer business. Property damage of any kind can interrupt business and your ability to make money on your investment, whether it’s damage to the building itself or its contents. Restaurants with a liquor license run an extra risk, as the sale and consumption of liquor brings with it all the potential for its negative side effects. So if you have a restaurant or catering business, you need industry-specific insurance. Let Kenneth Bieber help keep your business safe.

Liquor Liability Business Insurance for Your Bar or Venue


Your bar or venue might have acquired a liquor license, but are you financially protected with any level of Liquor Liability Business Insurance? It’s important to protect yourself from any liability that may fall on your place of business through drunk and disorderly behavior, drunk driving accidents, and any property damage or negligence that may occur. If you have owned a bar for quite some time now, you may have realized how rowdy your clientele can get in the later hours of the evening. Protect your financial assets by purchasing a Liquor Liability Insurance plan for your bar, restaurant, or venue.

With around 140 million drivers arrested each year for drunk driving related incidents, there are millions of more drivers getting into expensive accidents. Although the driver will take the brunt of the financial liability, if you allow them to drive home from your bar, you are help accountable as well. Furthermore, if you own a bar or venue, you’ve no doubt been a victim of property damage and negligence caused by drunken behavior. Either a patron will start a fight and damage your furniture, or they will spill a drink all over your brand new pool table. Whichever the case, avoid any legal issues and financial responsibility by purchasing Liquor Liability Insurance for your drinking establishment.




Business Insurance: Liquor Liability Insurance

If you own a restaurant or bar, or otherwise host events where alcohol is served, then you should invest in this coverage. Business insurance costs can add up, but so can lawsuits, and nothing leads to a lawsuit faster than drinking. Be it negligence or assault, the shrewd business owner needs to know how to protect themselves from one of the most predictable and frivolous lawsuits around; an adult suing you because he got drunk and did something stupid. Liquor liability is varied, and some people don’t even bother with it because there are so many exceptions. But a good provider should be able to give you quality coverage. Including:

  • Assault and battery coverage
  • Legal defense costs
  • Cover employees, who will drink
  • Includes mental damages
  • Training to reduce business insurance premiums.
These are just a few things to expect from liquor liability business insurance. The most important thing to remember about liquor related suits is that many are frivolous.  Some plans go so far as to deduct any policy value related to “defense costs” related to liquor, in this case the business owner holding the policy would be left without recourse in the event of a lawsuit, even if it were frivolous.