Buying from Kenneth Bieber: Progressive!

As an insurance brokerage, Kenneth Bieber works with names both big and small–including one very familiar, Progressive Corporation. We operate as the middle man for New York car insurance buyers as an independent agent to get the most bang for your insurance budget. Even with the friendly Flo explaining Progressive’s many smart plans, it can get a little hairy understanding which policy is the best for which driver.

Let us take a look at the newest Progressive product, the Snapshot. Not just another of Flo’s props, the little silver device actually exists, plugs into a car, and tracks the driver’s habits for 30-day periods to give discounts for safer driving. It cannot increase an insurance premium through gathering data, which sounds almost too good to be true–what is the catch?

The catch is not really a catch, but a smart way of doing insurance business. Progressive appeals to customers by showing them information, quotes from other insurance companies, for example, so they make a better choice. They specialize in global auto insurance, eschewing other lines such as condo insurance and co-op insurance. By using Snapshot’s incentive of discounts, Progressive encourages safer driving on one hand and gathers useful data on the other. Result: fewer accidents, fewer payouts for Progressive, and the same protection for every safe driver.

Car Insurance in New York

If you’re going to drive in New York City, get ready to fork over the big bucks. There’s no way around it. Unless you register the car in another state, you’ll be paying higher premiums than almost anywhere else in the country. And from the insurance companies’ stance there is good reason for that. New York’s chaotic streets lead to lots of accidents. But despite the deterrents, for getting around the boroughs, many people will be best served by a car.  Here are a few things you need to know before hitting the road in NYC.

  • Everyone has to carry liability insurance. The amount that must be carried is substantial. Check with your insurance provider about minimum coverage and rates.
  • Pickup trucks and some other work vehicles can’t be registered at cheaper car rates. Because so many people use pickups and vans for work in the city, they are more susceptible to damage than a normal private vehicle.
  • New York car insurance must be provided by an in state company or an out of state company with a license to offer insurance in New York. This goes for the entire state and can’t really be worked around.
So now that you know the basics, its time to get out there in your subcompact and enjoy the gridlock!

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