The Benefits of Disability Insurance

You may have already purchased condo insurance, New York car insurance, and renters insurance coverage, but have you ever considered disability insurance for either your business or your own personal health? We all believe that our bodies are invincible, but the day may come where you find yourself in a bad accident and can no longer earn an income from work. Being a business owner, you may lose an important employee to an accident, in turn losing a large percentage of income for your company.

Disability insurance will financially protect you from any of these unfortunate scenarios. If you work a dangerous job such as a construction worker, zoo keeper, lion tamer, or stunt double, your life may be at risk every day. You may already have a form of life insurance, but disability insurance will allow you the proper amount of time to recover from any unforeseen accidents, as well as provide financial income.

If you own the zoo, construction service, or are financing any stunt doubles, disability insurance can keep you from paying disability costs out of your own pocket. Your insurance company will cover any disability welfare that your employees may occur from a dangerous accident.

If you’re searching for a disability insurance plan that fits your current situation, check out some of the affordable options available on our website!