Why Is Car Insurance in New York So Important?

If you are one of the many drivers without car insurance in New York, you are taking a large risk by staying financially unprotected. If you were to get in one of the hundreds of accidents that occur on a daily basis, you may find yourself in financial debt if left uncovered, and maybe involved in a lawsuit. Not only is automobile insurance a financial asset, but it is also illegal to operate a vehicle without any coverage in New York City.

Driving without automobile insurance can result in large fines and eventually the loss of your license. If left unprotected, any accident will result in an average cost of over $1,000 for the driver at fault. Rather than having an insurance agency pay off the cost of your accident, this money will come straight out of your pocket. With an average of more than six million car accidents per year in the U.S., these costs can add up and become a financial burden.

We want you to stay protected not only in your automobile, but in your home and business as well. By staying uncovered, you are constantly taking a financial gamble on your assets. Can you afford to take a risk like that? Make the safe bet by getting a free quote on your New York car insurance today!