Why It Can Be Dangerous To Drive Without Car Insurance

There may be thousands of drivers living without car insurance in New York, which means that thousands of drivers are currently operating their vehicles illegally. Besides the fact that car insurance can benefit you financially, our insurance packages can also help you in a number of different ways. We’ve put together a list of how car insurance is essential for all licensed drivers:

  • Losing Your License: Since it is illegal to drive without some form of car insurance, you may end up losing your license if you are pulled over or involved in an accident. Depending on your record, the government can confiscate your driver’s license for several months or years at a time. Not only can these be inconvenient for your everyday life, but it can also lead to expensive public transportation costs to get to and from work.
  • Lawsuit Against You: Driving without New York car insurance can put you at risk of potential lawsuits. If you are the cause of an accident and you severely injure the other driver or passenger, you could be subject for an expensive lawsuit. Now only will you have to pay for their medical bills, but you will also have to pay for any damage to their car.
  • Replacing Your Vehicle: A bad accident will often leave your car totaled. However, certain car insurance plans will replace your vehicle, taking the financial burden off of your hands.
  • Expensive Medical Bills: Certain insurance packages will also cover any medical costs that incur to you at the time of an accident. Medical bills are often fairly expensive, which will leave you in financial ruins if you don’t have a car insurance plan to cover it.