Liquor Liability Business Insurance for Your Bar or Venue


Your bar or venue might have acquired a liquor license, but are you financially protected with any level of Liquor Liability Business Insurance? It’s important to protect yourself from any liability that may fall on your place of business through drunk and disorderly behavior, drunk driving accidents, and any property damage or negligence that may occur. If you have owned a bar for quite some time now, you may have realized how rowdy your clientele can get in the later hours of the evening. Protect your financial assets by purchasing a Liquor Liability Insurance plan for your bar, restaurant, or venue.

With around 140 million drivers arrested each year for drunk driving related incidents, there are millions of more drivers getting into expensive accidents. Although the driver will take the brunt of the financial liability, if you allow them to drive home from your bar, you are help accountable as well. Furthermore, if you own a bar or venue, you’ve no doubt been a victim of property damage and negligence caused by drunken behavior. Either a patron will start a fight and damage your furniture, or they will spill a drink all over your brand new pool table. Whichever the case, avoid any legal issues and financial responsibility by purchasing Liquor Liability Insurance for your drinking establishment.




Insurance Terms 101

new york renters insurance

New York City life is crazy enough as it is, without confusion when it comes to New York renters insurance. The insurance lexicon is vast and can prove overwhelming for those unfamiliar with its various terms, clauses and definitions. That’s why we’ve gathered together all the essential information you need to know in order to make informed decisions when considering policies, premiums and everything in between.

If you’re looking for an introduction to the topic of insurance, make sure you pore over our Insurance FAQ, which provides extensive information on everything from condo insurance to auto insurance. On the other hand, if you’re generally au fait with insurance but searching for an explanation of a particular term, our Insurance and Homebuyers Glossaries are the only resources you’ll need.

Here are some of the top insurance terms you may have heard, but may not quite fully understand:

Indemnity: Benefits of a predetermined amount paid for a loss.

Consideration Clause: Stipulation that states the basis on which an insurer issues an insurance contract.

Utmost Good Faith: The Insured and the Insurer are bound by a good faith of honesty and fairness; all material facts must be disclosed.

Mitigation: In the case of any loss or casualty, the asset owner must attempt to keep loss to a minimum, as if the asset was not insured.

Co-Op Insurance: What You Need to Know

When buying a co-op apartment there is a lot of information to consider before committing to a decision. As a co-op owner, you share the walls, hallways, basement, roof, elevator and walkways. You may also share common services such as lawn mowing, garbage collection, and snowplowing. What gets tricky, however, is the insurance.

A co-op association will have a master policy for the co-op complex, covering the common areas mentioned earlier. In an earlier post, we provided questions to help determine which master policy your co-op association possesses, and what kind of co-op insurance coverage you will need. Your co-op association will have one of three types of master policies:

  • Bare walls: This policy covers the structure, fixtures, and furnishings shared or common areas within the condominium complex.
  • Single entity: This policy covers everything within the bare walls policy, along with certain fixtures inside condo units (e.g., carpeting, cabinets, appliances).
  • All inclusive: This policy is the most extensive as it covers everything in the condo except for personal property the owner brings into the unit (e.g., clothes, bicycles, artwork).

Knowing the master policy of your co-op association is only the first step in making a fully informed decision about the co-op insurance policy you choose. Luckily we can help you determine what kind of coverage, and how much insurance you will need to feel secure at your co-op. Contact us for more information on all your insurance questions, from co-op insurance to New York renter’s insurance. We got you covered.

How to Make a Claim on your Condo Insurance

condo insuranceMaking a claim on your condo insurance may at first seem a little daunting. What are the specifics of the procedure? What documents are required? Who exactly must be approached? We’ve gathered together some pointers that will hopefully put your mind at ease.

If an accident or some other mishap has occurred in your condo, you should contact your condo insurance provider immediately. Bear in mind that you should know the following before making the call:

  • When the incident occurred
  • What exactly happened
  • The location of the property damage and what was damaged
  • If your home is still livable
  • What repairs, if any, are required
  • If you contacted the police or fire department in response to the situation (and the police report number, if so)
  • Your contact information and the best time to reach you
Where repairs are needed, the insured can either use their preferred contractor or have their insurance provider recommend a contractor capable of making the repairs. The deductible will usually then be paid to the contractor/company who repairs the damage.
Once you have made your claim, the insurance payment will follow. If you have a mortgage on your condo, your insurance company may pay you and your mortgage lender up to the limit of your policy. In such a case as where an advance payment was made, this advance payment will be applied to the total payout. Also, your deductible and any applicable depreciation will be deducted from the final payout.

Three Tips to Save on Homeowners Insurance

new york renters insuranceYour home is undoubtedly the most important of all your possessions, and it should be your priority when contemplating what things to get covered. However, homeowners insurance rarely comes cheap, so we’ve come together to offer you some tips on how to save on your homeowners insurance premium if you are feeling the pinch:

Building Materials: If you’re renovating or building a new home and want to take measures to reduce your premium, consider the building materials available. Depending on the materials you opt for, and the environment in which your home is situated, you could save quite a bit. For example, using brick construction rather than a wooden frame structure could save you money if your property is located in an area where earthquakes and hurricanes often occur.

Location, Location, Location: You could save money depending on the exact location of your property. For example, if the house is situated in a safe, quiet area near to your local fire station, then your premium may be lower.

Reevaluate Your Valuables: If you bought additional insurance coverage for your valuables, be sure to keep track of their value and adjust the coverage amount as appropriate. If you neglect to do this, you may end up over-insuring your items.

Get in touch with us today for more tips on optimizing your policy, from homeowners to condo insurance, New York renters insurance, and car insurance.

Protecting Your Business During the Holidays

As the holidays draw ever closer, your business is most likely frantically trying to satisfy increased demand at this busy time of year. But isn’t it important to feel a sense of security, as well as accomplishment when you finally close up shop? Ensure your business is safe and secure over the holiday period as you enjoy a long-overdue rest at home with family and friends.

Finding the best business insurance in New York is a top priority for your company during the year, but the holiday season further highlights just how crucial good coverage can be. For those closing their businesses for periods longer than a day or so, a primary concern is the possibility of breaking and entering, as well as theft of stock. Without daily activity and presence of staff, thieves may identify your business as a sitting duck.

If this sounds like something you are worried about and you’re not yet covered, you should be make purchasing adequate coverage a top priority. Get in touch with us at Kenneth Bieber, the foremost providers of business insurance in New York, and we will analyze your business needs, develop a plan that is customized and responsive to your own specific situation, and offer you competitive pricing that is reflective of your exposure and experience.

Safe Driving During Winter Months

As important as home and condo insurance is for New Yorkers during the winter months, another essential is quality New York car insurance. As wintry conditions worsen, road conditions grow increasingly hazardous too, so it is highly recommended you take certain precautions when driving through whatever obstacles the weather throws your way. When driving through snow and ice, consider the following tips:

When handling slippery winter roads, the keys to safety are slower speeds, gentler stops and turns, and increased distances between cars. It is recommended that drivers reduce their speed to half the permitted speed limit or even less under snowy road conditions.

Drivers should never try to stretch more miles out of their tires during the winter months. If your tread depth is getting low, it can have serious effects on dry pavement, with potential adverse effects being multiplied in wet and snowy conditions. Tire pressure usually lowers itself in winter and raises itself during summer months. Under-inflated tires can cause a car to react more slowly to steering, which can prove catastrophic. When at all in doubt, ensure you purchase a new set of tires.

Even when observing these guidelines, accidents can occur. Ensure you are covered. Review our comprehensive New York car insurance plans at

Buying from Kenneth Bieber: Travelers! customer might come to the Kenneth Bieber website and be a little bewildered by the range of our products–we offer co-op insurance, renters insurance, and New York car insurance, just to name a few. Kenneth Bieber will not only be the go-between for our customers and the insurance provider, we offer many useful online tools and convenient information that can help a customer make the best choice of insurance. The reason why we are able to offer these products at a suitable rate and arrangement for our customers is simple: we work with some of the best insurance providers in the country, like The Travelers Companies.

Travelers was founded in 1864 in Hartford Connecticut. Like the name says, the company was initially formed to provide travel insurance. Over its long history, Travelers created many industry firsts, such as the first automobile insurance, the first airline policy, and the first space travel insurance. Today, Travelers is an international company with headquarters right here in New York City, covering personal, business and financial sectors handily under its umbrella logo.

In addition to providing peace of mind through many insurance products, Travelers also maintains a philanthropic arm, the Travelers Foundation, mainly in support of developing public education reform, promoting academic success, and representing underrepresented youths in its hometown of Hartford, Connecticut.

NYC Flood Claimant Information

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many private citizens are laying claim to their condo insurance or co-op insurance to try to recoup their loss. It may take some time for insurance representatives to get to a flooded location, but do not fret! Now is the time to bone up on the documents you need to claim what is rightfully yours. Even New York renters insurance policy holders need to take these steps to protect their possessions.

Step One: Make sure you have the name of your insurance company, a policy number, and a reliable phone number where you can be reached at all times.

Step Two: Document what you would like to claim, separating the damaged and undamaged property. Take a picture of anything thrown away. Compile a list of everything you need replaced.

Step Three: Fill out a Proof of Loss form from your adjuster, which will be needed for both your insurance company and governmental agencies who may or may not recompense you for the damages.

After these steps are complete, negotiations are opened up between you and your insurance providers. Take care to note: not all items can be replaced and the amount of recompense is limited by the policy purchased.

Who Pays Insurance During Forclosure?

Foreclosure is not something most home owners want to think about. It means the worst: your home is being taken away from you and your entire life is about to be uprooted. Thankfully, now that the housing crisis is being pushed to the past, fewer Americans are facing the prospect of foreclosure. But what happens to insurance on a foreclosed home?

Perhaps the most obscure aspect of home insurance, insuring an uninhabited, foreclosed upon home, is something that both the lender and the borrower should be versed in. Depending on the situation, the home could sit vacant for years and during that time all types of damage could happen. Generally in these situations, the lender will take out a minimal insurance policy on the lapsed property, though the borrower will have the option of continuing the upkeep on a current policy. The lender will usually bill the borrower for the cost of that policy.

The borrower, even though faced with debt and the costs of relocating to another home, should at this point take out another small insurance policy on the home. While the structure is being taken care of by the bank, any possessions or other goods can be covered by a small third party home insurance policy on the home.

How To Compare New York Car Insurance Quotes and Coverage

Selecting New York car insurance can give you a headache. Every company that you research will tell you they offer the best prices, best service, most comprehensive coverage, and most discounts. How do you decipher what companies are worth following up on and which ones to toss aside.

If you’re seriously considering switching auto insurance then you need to gather a few things first. How much are you currently paying for your New York car insurance? Understanding how your current costs are broken down in a policy gives you an edge when figuring out what needs to be covered and gives you a good comparison basis. You can always get a copy of your policy and costs from your insurer.

You must also know what your car is worth and how used it is since the initial purchase. It is important to note the locations you drive it in terms of distance, difficulty, and potential dangers. You need to know that you’re not only getting covered for damages but also liability with medical and legal fees. Collision insurance is good for new vehicles and pricey vehicles. But with old and used vehicles you won’t necessarily need this if you think it will cost you too much to include with an auto policy.

These are some ideas for comparing quotes and coverage for new auto insurance.


Condo Insurance Tips

So you want to be a proud owner of a condo. You want all the luxuries that come along with the wonderful housing. But life is never that simple, is it? When you own something nice, you want to care for it and protect it. You are going to need some form of condo insurance to guarantee your home is covered.

You will need condo insurance that covers your possessions and structural conditions such as things that need repair or could pose a hazard because they’re outdated. It should also cover additional living expenses in cases of fire, theft, or disaster. And, should someone get hurt on your property you need to have liability coverage in the policy too.

But, along with your coverage the building you live in should have a master policy. Their policy should cover common areas with other tenants, structural concerns within the building itself and potential liabilities outside of your individual living space. Even still, you should ask about certain things when shopping for insurance.

Always check the fine print as to what your insurance policy must pay and what the building association will pay. Don’t assume you can skimp on your own policy because you think the building will help you out. Also, make sure you ask for unit or loss assessment coverage in your policy– this will help you with any tenant shared charges or responsibilities.

In a nutshell, when you own a condo you will want to insure it and protect your assets.



Making Informed Decisions On Insurance Policies

Regardless if you’re looking for New York car insurance, condo insurance, or life insurance, you are going to need to walk in informed and ready to review policies. You need to understand exemptions, disclosures, and addendum. No matter what kind of insurance you’re looking for, always follow some of the following basic guidelines.

Each and every state has an insurance department or informational resource. Here you can find information on reliable and unreliable insurance companies and their current standings and rates. It will help you start with a hunt for the appropriate range of price and locality of an insurer.

Also, always insist in checking several sources. Websites devoted to  insurance services will provide you with comparable quotes. Get an idea of the competition and be sure you line up potentials, being both large or independent insurance companies. The choices you make should be financially sound and covered by some kind of state guaranty that provides funding should the company default.

Read customer testimonials to get an average insurance policy owners thoughts. While many will be biased, if you see a lot of similar comments, then chances are you can rely on some of that hearsay to apply. You might also get helpful tips and suggestions from satisfied customers. If someone really loves their condo insurance, they are going to want to share that information with others.

The Benefits of New York Business Insurance

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Businesses can guarantee that they are going to need a watchful eye on their company and its investments if they want to stay on top of the game and financially sound. That’s why you should invest in New York business insurance.

So what does this kind of insurance entail exactly? Well, business insurance in New York encompasses coverage for property, including but not limited to office supplies and vehicles, legal claims like liability and worker’s compensation, business losses, and employee health insurance.

With so much at stake you want to be careful with investments and company maintenance. Business insurance will protect you from expected and unforeseen misfortunes. Even if you don’t think you’re in the line of fire when it comes to lawsuits, you can never be too careful. And the problem is that judgments can be collected through bank account seizures and debt payment through personal assets (more commonly with small businesses).

You should always insure your business and calculate your potential risks or threats and have them accounted for in the policies you obtain. A well-rounded insurance policy will keep your business afloat even through the difficult times.

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Whether you’re an individual, a family, or a company you need protection when things go awry. That is why you depend on insurance. You deserve the absolute best coverage and personal service, regardless of the type you seek. So many people go without insurance every day and that means they’re vulnerable financially. With insurance you know your bases are covered in case emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances occur.

Kenneth Bieber Inc. has been providing world class protection since 1962. A leader in providing quality auto, home, health, business, and life insurance, you are guaranteed to be covered today and in your future with incomparable dedication. By evaluating your specific needs you will be directed to the appropriate companies represented by Kenneth Bieber, Inc. You will never have to worry about New York car insurance or condo insurance again. Nor any other kind you may need.

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