Restaurant Insurance for Food Industry Professionals

Restaurant dining area finished in natural wood tones

Restaurant Insurance is a must-have for restaurant, bar, or catering service owners. With the constant threat of food spoiling or property damage interfering with business, protecting your operation with a premier insurance plan is a necessity. The experts at Kenneth Bieber are available to tailor insurance policies to the special needs of each client. Whether you’re an established five-star restaurant or a local bar just opening its doors, we can assist you with New York business insurance and more to keep you protected.

New York Business Insurance:
Insure Your Success!

New York business insurance is as important to the success of an establishment as its employees, location, or space. Without the proper coverage, legal fees can skyrocket if an employee or customer files a claim against you. Losing a settlement without insurance could put your business in jeopardy of accruing debt or even going bankrupt. Restaurant insurance policies from Kenneth Bieber are specific to each individual client to ensure that they receive targeted liability options and more.

A Commercial Insurance Company That Works for You

As a premier commercial insurance company in the New York area, Kenneth Bieber offers a multitude of policies, including restaurant insurance and property insurance. Property insurance is important in case of fires, which could easily start in a crowded, busy kitchen. We also offer liquor liability for bars or restaurants that serve alcohol. If a customer drinks excessively and hurts someone or themselves as a result, it’s important to have liquor liability to stay protected as a business. Our dedicated and experienced New York business insurance experts are available by email or phone to discuss your restaurant’s specific insurance needs. We know it’s not always hospitable in the hospitality industry, and that’s why we’re here to help you protect your business when things get messy.