Flood Insurance

business insurance new yorkOne of Brooklyn’s oldest and most beloved bars, Sunny’s was opened in 1890 and has remained a staple of the Brooklyn waterfront in the nearly century and a quarter since. But Sunny’s has been shuttered for the last few months thanks to a one Hurricane Sandy and is even now struggling to secure the funds necessary to reopen.

It’s a story common to Red Hook, which was hit particularly hard in Sandy and saw extensive flooding even several blocks inland. The acclaimed restaurants Fort Defiance and The Good Fork on Van Brunt Street were similarly closed while essential kitchen equipment needed to be replaced. The neighborhood Fairway Market, which is located right on the water, only recently reopened after months of cleaning and replacing flood-damaged equipment and stock.

Unfortunately, it seems likely Hurricane Sandy won’t be remembered as a freak once-in-a-lifetime storm. Many are predicting it could become a recurring risk to Red Hook and other water-bound neighborhoods of New York and New Jersey. If there’s one upside, it’s that Kenneth Bieber offers flood insurance as part of their business insurance in New York options. In addition to our other forms of New York renters insurance, flood insurance will protect you in the event of another Sandy, so you can get back to work or get back to your home as soon and as painlessly as possible.